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Preston Les 朴顿

Peoplegraphy was founded in 2011 by Preston Les.

From model to photographer, subject to content creator: Preston Les used his experience to form Peoplegraphy, a company that tailors and utilizes up-to-date and innovative marketing tools to suit specific business needs. For the past 6 years, Preston and Peoplegraphy have provided creative design, consultation, photography and videography experience/skills and developed ideas and concepts for enterprises ranging from large retail chains and corporations to small business owners. While his diverse portfolio already spans more than 80 brands across a variety of different industries - sports, fashion, food & beverage, technology, education - Preston has already set in motion plan to expand his company further by building up a bigger studio and training talents to be able to further their oversea opportunities provided by Peoplegraphy oversea network.


Preston是个非常懂得将online和offline联系在一起的搞手,他在6年前设立一间公司Peoplegraphy,服务范围涵盖品牌形象策划、美术设计、 模特儿表演等,充分利用以前筹办时尚秀时攒集出来的人脉资源,再加上本身活跃于网络所建立出来的朋友圈,让他总是能够为客户找到适合的人才,达到知人善用的调度。

许多在网上认识的朋友,后来都成为现实里的好友。会艺术的他,同时精通设计和摄影,不但在自己家的home-based office搭建了一个摄影棚,专门为接来的案子进行拍摄,一旦碰到有人在网络上讨教,他还会殷勤大方地请他们直接来现场观摩棚拍,以进行实地教学。此外,一些客户的品牌标志设计,他也会亲手跨刀。

此外,他的公司也筹办“MeetMe”联谊活动,让城中的单身男女进行大约4至6人的小型聚会,期望打造一种重质不重量的交流形式,当中不乏成功配对的 案例。非常重视人和人之间的沟通,所有事情都围绕在“人”上面,这也就是他会为公司取名为“Peoplegraphy”的原因。

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